Update 4: Results From Phase 1 of Treatment

After 28 days of phase one of my cancer treatment, I was finally able to get my first official update on how things have been going.

To gauge the effectiveness of my treatment, they do a biopsy to get a count of the content of cancerous cells in the bone marrow. Bone marrow is what makes blood and is where my cancerous white blood cells are being produced, so they stick a needle down inside your hip, suck out some of the good stuff and send it off to the lab for testing.

Well, the news from the test result was good 🙂

There were no detectable leukemic cells present in the sample.  

What that means is that based on SCCA’s technological ability to detect Leukemia (up to the .001%), they weren’t able to find any of the bad stuff in my bone marrow – which is pretty awesome considering I was full of it at the time of my diagnosis over a month ago.

At this stage of treatment, this is the news you hope for. It means that the chemo is working exactly the way it should in my body – no funny business or complications or weird circumstances.

What Now?

Despite the great news and progress, I’m not totally out of the woods quite yet.

Now that the cancer is technically in “remission” at the moment, the mission now is to make sure it doesn’t come back aka “cured.” Starting on Tuesday, I’ll enter into the next phase of treatment, which will be about a two month period of a more intense chemotherapy regimen. I’ll be in-and-out of the doctors office four days a week, checking progress again at the end and adjusting treatment from there.

Admittedly I’m a little nervous/anxious to see how the new drugs effect me, but I will say that despite any puffy cheeks, fatigue, headaches, nausea or whatever uncomfortable side effects come my way – just knowing that things are currently on the right track makes it easier to take on.

The goal now is to stay healthy (meaning don’t get sick or something) and to stay on schedule with treatment and in the end – beat this shit.

Got myself a Lute Football Rainbow sign! After signing a ton of these, now I know what it’s like to be on the recieving end of one – Thanks guys 🙂

Again, thank you deeply for the love and support you’ve all given me. I can’t even begin to explain how lucky I am to have so many people helping me along through this journey.


17 thoughts on “Update 4: Results From Phase 1 of Treatment”


  2. So happy to read these good news! Sending you strength for the next weeks/months with the new treatment. You rock, Brock aka B-Rock 😉😄 All the best from Kolbotn (mamma and pappa sends you the best wishes too)

  3. I am so happy to hear that your treatment is going well and working. Stay strong Brock and keep beating this! You are in my thoughts daily.

  4. That’s great news, Brock! Prayers your way that your body responds to the treatment and heals quickly. Sincerely, Lissak and Cawley Lamb families.

  5. You’re doing an amazing job, Brock. All you need to do, all you can do, is cope. Just keep going. If you get moments where you’re well enough, and positive enough, to enjoy life, those are the moments to grab. That’s what I reckon! 😀

    Love and support from the Leeds, Yorkshire, UK,

  6. Great job mister, keep up the positive thought process. You are passing thru my thoughts several times and day. I also hit up our Creator when i hit my knees for prayers to keep you safe. Something to think about, ” Typically a son will go to great lengths to please his mother and do as she wishes. What i am getting at…. praying to the Virgin Mary to ask her son, the only sin less man that walked on earth to watch over you and your family is essentially a sure bet to success. Also, always remember that after all worldly ups and downs consume our days….our mission on earth is very simple, but sometimes very hard to achieve or stay active in pursuing…that mission is…To Love, To Know, and To Serve the Lord.
    Keep your head up high sir. Tim

  7. Brock that’s amazing news! I love these update you post!!! I really appreciate being able know just exactly how your doing! As always my thoughts and prayers are with you and Mama and Papa gates and your sister. So pleased to know your doing the damn thing and getting better! Lol But in all seriousness. .. your such a strong individual and you have shown a lot of us what life’s really all about. So thank you.

  8. Brock this is great news. We have been praying for your treatment and healing. Stay strong and thank you for sharing your journey.

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