Update 7: Wedding Season’s Greetings

It’s safe to say 2015 was by far the craziest year of my life.

It was a rollercoaster of bad news, pain, and discomfort that was repeatedly countered with overwhelming swells of love and support from friends and family.

NYE Wedding

The finally of my 2015 all came to a crescendo with my sister getting hitched on New Years Eve. It was quite the night to remember – my sister looked absolutely stunning as she walked down the isle to trade the Gates name for Galbraith, there were over 200+ friends and family from all over in attendance, and I had the honor of officiating the actual wedding ceremony (which was pretty nerve wracking for me).

Admittedly, I was a bit worried – I hadn’t been feeling all too well in the days leading up to the ceremony and was terrified of passing out behind the alter mid-vows or something, totally ruining everything.

Luckily, it all went according to plan and I was even able to somewhat keep up with everyone despite the fact that for the past five months I’ve been spending main exercise has been comprised of of a few sets of moving from the bed to couch and back (unfortunately, my dance floor stamina just isn’t what it used to be).

Health Update

It’s been a while since my last health update because frankly, there really hasn’t been much news lately (which is kind of a good thing).

For my treatment protocol I basically go through five phases of chemotherapy. Just before the wedding I wrapped up phase 3, ending with another bone marrow biopsy which thankfully is still clear of any detectable Leukemia!

Based on my treatment plan, that means I have two phases left. Phase 4 is supposed to last about two months and from what I can tell, is probably going to suck comparatively to my other phases. Unfortunately, I’ve developed a little cough/cold (I’m assuming it’s from the wedding) so I’m having to delay starting until that goes away, but hopefully I’ll get started soon so I can get this over with.

The 5th and final phase actually lasts three years and is primarily for maintenance purposes. After being diagnosed just a few months after my 26th birthday, it’s kind of crazy to think that I’ll be every bit of thirty-years-old by the time this is all said and done (if everything goes to plan).

I find myself daydreaming pretty frequently about what I want to do when this is all over and I have to stop myself. Though I think it’s good to have goals and things to look forward to, 2015 has taught me that life sometimes has other ideas for you and your plans and that’s ok. I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones – to get diagnosed a serious health condition and to have things going well and in the right direction – but deep down part of me is still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

All in all, I have the best team of doctors and nurses, friends and family I could ever ask for and I’m going to keep moving forward full steam ahead.

Thanks and love to all of you – Brock