Update 9: Year One Complete

Today is July 7th and that means that this day marks one full year since I got the call from the doctor that I was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Though it’s pretty unlucky to get cancer in the first place, I consider myself EXTREMELY lucky to be able to be spending this day cancer free.

It’s been an incredible journey and I wouldn’t have been able to make it without the unbelievable support of my family, friends, doctors, nurses, dog, and of course my girlfriend Larissa ūüôā

Looking back¬†it’s weird realizing that¬†so much has happened in the last 365 days contrasted to the many times when it felt like nothing was happening and time couldn’t move any slower.

The Latest Update

As far as my treatment is concerned, things are still on the right track – I’m still in remission and Leukemia-free.

So far I’m just over 3 months into the 2.5 year long “Maintenance Phase” of my treatment where I just get chemo once at the beginning of the month and take a bunch of pills every day. It sounds like a bummer to have to keep getting chemo for the next two years but compared to the stuff I was getting in the thick¬†of my treatment – this is really doable.

So, after reaching the ultimate low point at the end of March Рthings have really had no where to go but up!

What I’ve Been Up To

You can imagine how excited I was get back normality once early April rolled around. I couldn’t really physically run yet, so I speed-walked myself as fast as I could to the closest physical therapy facility to start the process of getting some strength back. The first day in, I was incredibly inflexible, my balance was way out of whack, and I think I could do about six body weight lunges before having to tap out.

But I’ve been making progress. By mid-May I was able to run my first mile in a year (though it took me nearly 15 minutes) and with the help of my buddy¬†Conor McNeill – a trainer in Kirkland and fellow Lute – I’m feeling just about as good as I think I could at this point.

Since I wasn’t quite physically ready to go back to work yet in May and June, I was really fortunate to be able to use those months to make up for some lost time by doing some fun things (and eating foods I wasn’t allowed to¬†eat, like fried eggs and sushi).

I got to visit San Fransisco for the first time with Larissa.

I went to see a Red Sox game in Fenway Stadium in Boston (a huge bucket list check off for my dad and I).


Got some sunshine with my mom in Hawaii for a couple days. My skin didn’t know what to think.

Went on my first ever hunting trip (for Turkey) with my dad and godfather Tim.

What’s Next?

As of posting this, I am currently three days in to being back to work at Porch.com (where I was working before I got sick). Though I have a completely new job, the transition couldn’t have been easier. It’s been really awesome to see everyone again and be welcomed back so warmly – these guys have really taken care of me.

I imagine my future updates will be fewer and far between (which is a good thing right?) but I wanted to sincerely thank everyone again for following along, reaching out with kind words and encouragement, and for all the big and little things you’ve done to get me through this last year. I never once felt alone in this and it’s because of all of you.

Though the cancer is gone for now, part of me is still pretty scared and unsure about the future, but I don’t think that will ever completely go away. But if I’ve learned anything from this process it’s that it’s useless trying to predict the future and¬†it’s not worth it to¬†try and control every little aspect of¬†life. So for now, I’m just going to do my best to be grateful for every day, and take things one step at a time ūüôā

Love you all,



4 thoughts on “Update 9: Year One Complete”

  1. I am so thankful to get this update, Brock! You look fabulous! (you always did)
    The prayers will continue, wishing you tons of fun and good health!

  2. I haven’t checked in on you for a few months. What a special gift that was for my heart just to read your July report! I am so, so glad to know that you (and your parents, too!) were strong enough to make it through this last year with all of the trials and tribulations you’ve been through. No one can fully comprehend just what that has been like unless they’ve already walked in those shoes. I hope and pray for you a long, healthy life still to come.

  3. So glad this treatment phase is behind you and that you are cancer free! All the best to you Brock! If you ever want to set up a time to connect that would be great. I work from home now doing career coaching for folks who have been laid off. I work about 20-25 hrs a week. I would love to see you. I still owe you a MBTI session as well! Let me know when you have time.
    Love, Ruth

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